Redness and Broken Capillaries

Redness & Broken Capillaries

Viora’s PCR™ Technology represents a wide range of solutions for vascular lesions. And thanks to Viora’s V-IPL interchangeable 530nm or 580nm cut-off filters and V-Nd: YAG interchangeable spots: 2mm x 4mm, 3.5 mm, and 5.5 mm., treatments can be highly specialized to address specific conditions.

Treating vessels with Viora’s light-based technology has never been so easy and safe.

The vascular malformations that can be treated with Viora’s PCR™ Technology include, but not limited to, telangiectasias, leg veins, Port Wine Stains, hemangiomas, Couperose, Rosacea, hematoma, and more.

The versatility of the V-IPL and V-Nd:YAG handpieces enable optimization of the treatment parameters according to the lesion type, diameter, depth, etc. thanks to the different spot sizes, light wavelengths (530, 580 and 1064 nm) and light pulse configurations.


Vascular malformations (or lesions) such as spider veins or leg veins, Port Wine Stains, hemangiomas, facial Couperose, and Rosacea may appear on both body and face, and the condition may be influenced by age, hormonal factors, gender, pregnancy, lifestyle, occupation and more. The common reasons for vascular lesions are venous hypertension within underlying varicose veins and blood flow abnormalities within the reticular veins. These vascular lesions can vary in size, depth, blood vessel concentration of origin, which requires different technological solutions.

Viora’s unique PCR™ Technology allows your practitioner to choose the most appropriate solution according to the lesion you want to remove.


Skin Health: Viora Life Tips To Vascular Clearance

  • For facial vascular lesions such as Roccasea, reduce the use of coffee, consumption of alcoholic beverages, extreme temperatures (hot or cold), fatty foods, harsh winds, extra hot drinks, spicy foods, stress, and anxiety.
  • Regular exercise encourages better blood circulation in the legs, which helps to push along the blood that has collected in the veins. Exercise also helps to lower a person’s blood pressure, which is another contributing factor to varicose veins
  • Compression stockings are available from most pharmacies and can help by applying pressure to the legs. Compression stockings aid the muscles and veins to move blood toward the heart.
  • Potassium-high foods, such as almonds and pistachio nuts, can help varicose veins by reducing water retention in the body. Salty or sodium-rich foods can cause the body to retain water, so cutting down on salty food can minimize water retention. Foods high in potassium can help to reduce water retention. Avoid sitting for long periods – this will reduce reappearance of leg blood vessels.

Technology / System Used For This Treatment?

  • V-IPL – PCR™ Technology with 530 and 580 nm
  • V-Nd: YAG – PCR™ Technology with 2mm x 4mm, 3.5 mm and 5.5 mm spots


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