Laser Hair Removal is an Effective Alternative to Waxing

For many of us, having to shave everyday or every second day is becoming far too much. However, why spend so much time with a razor when you have options for hair removal? Hair removal and waxing is a great option as it only needs to be done every so often instead of every day. 

But which is better, waxing or laser hair removal? Trust us, we know that laser hair removal offers far more benefits than waxing.

The Process of Laser vs Waxing

Both waxing and laser treatments ensure that you are left hair-free. However, they are done in two entirely different ways. Understanding the differences between laser hair removal and waxing is crucial.

Waxing involves putting hot wax on an area and pulling it against the direction of the hair to pull out the roots. Laser hair removal on the other hand goes far deeper and actually destroys the follicle in itself. 

The Pros of Laser vs Waxing

Waxing and lasers are certainly more effective at dealing with your body than simply just shaving. They both offer a plethora of different bonuses. However, when it comes to getting the most out of your hair removal, lasers have no competitors. 

When waxing, the hair only remains gone for a few weeks. With laser, the hair follicle is destroyed and slows growth completely. 

The Cons of Laser vs Waxing

There is no perfect solution when it comes to hair removal, this must be known.  However, you won’t be as burdened with the cons of laser hair removal as you would be if you chose to wax. Pain is a huge factor in this. 

While the laser process isn’t entirely painless, it can be manageable and our med spa will make the process as comfortable as possible.  It can also take a few treatments to achieve the results that you want.

Say goodbye to the old, outdated, and terribly painful ways of removing hair. Instead, come and see our experts about all of your hair removal needs. Unwanted hair is now only a thing of the past. 

Whether you need a small patch of hair removed, or a big patch, we can help you out! Here at Sanctuaire MD in Lafayette and Moraga, we know how important it is to remove hair and keep it away for good. With our laser treatments, over time, we can do just that.


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