Habits That Can Lead to Wrinkles

Depending on what daily habits you have and how much time you take to care for your skin, wrinkles can form at any age. Once wrinkles form, they only continue to deepen. If your wrinkles aren’t addressed through cosmetic intervention, they will only get worse. 

Cosmetic intervention can include things such as wrinkle creams. However, some wrinkles may often need to be addressed with fillers. It is important to work on wrinkle prevention in order to keep them off of your face for as long as you possibly can.

Below are some of the most common habits that can lead to wrinkles.


One of the biggest reasons that wrinkles form is smoking. Smoking isn’t just bad; it also harms your overall health. The skin issues caused by smoking are beyond just wrinkles.

It can create saggy upper eyelids, and baggy eyes, and it can also lead to double chin drooping. Quitting is vital to your overall health. 

Eye Rubbing

The skin surrounding your eyes is very sensitive and thin. As you age, it loses elastin, collagen, and fat that helps to make your eyes look glowing and youthful. When you rub your eyes, you can damage the skin causing wrinkles and even saggy upper eyelids. 

Instead, use gentle movements or try to stop rubbing your eyes altogether. 

Sleep Position

Your sleep position can definitely cause wrinkles. If you sleep on your stomach or side, you can squish the skin on your face which can cause wrinkles. This happens because staying in the position will disrupt the way your skin naturally sits on your face. 

Any stretching, folding, and pushing will create wrinkles.

Facial Expressions

Certain facial expressions such as squinting, frowning, and laughing can cause fine lines that will deepen into wrinkles.

Sun Exposure

Sun exposure is over 90% of the reason that skin becomes damaged. Luckily, this is an easy and inexpensive fix. Make sure that you use SPF 30 in the morning and reapply as needed throughout the day. 

For extra protection, you can wear long sleeves and a hat when in direct sunlight. 

Alcohol Use

Alcohol is a diuretic. This means that it can easily dehydrate you. Drinking can strip all of the hydration from your skin and body.

This leaves it vulnerable to fine lines and wrinkles. While this doesn’t mean you can’t drink, you need to keep it to a moderate amount. 

Sleep Deprivation

Adults need to get at least seven to nine hours of sleep every single night. Beauty sleep is most definitely a necessity and can help you remain looking refreshed and youthful. Without it, your skin will not have the time it needs to repair. 

For treatments and solutions that can help with reducing wrinkles, contact Sanctuaire MD today and schedule an appointment!

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